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January 10, 2010

East Tennessee Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal investigations of drug crimes involve a variety of aggressive investigative techniques, including the use of search warrants, grand jury subpoenas, forfeitures and wire surveillance. Investigating agents and officers move quickly, often giving people little time to make important decisions. On occasion, the government conducts historical investigations, interviewing and subpoenaing people to testify about transactions that occurred long ago.

Tennessee Criminal Defense Lawyer, of Barnette Law Offices has experience handling drug charges. At , we have the determination needed to handle the most difficult drug cases. We handle offenses related to drug manufacture, drug distribution and drug possession involving:

• Cocaine
• Crack Cocaine
• Heroin
• Marijuana
• Prescription Drugs

Drug-related convictions have serious penalties under federal and state drug laws and constitutional rights under the Fourth Amendment (Search and Seizure) are often compromised as state and federal agencies aggressively take legal action against alleged narcotics offenders.

Federal and state laws regarding narcotics are generally divided into three categories:

1) Drug Possession

Both federal and state laws criminalize the possession of illegal substances, including the chemicals used to cultivate and manufacture narcotics. The consequences, as set out by sentencing guidelines, for possession of illegal drugs depend upon the amount involved and the intent of the possessor.

2) Distributing and Trafficking Drugs

State and federal laws regulate the delivery of drugs and the distribution of illegal controlled substances, criminalizing their sale, transport, or import in the United States without exemption. The Controlled Substances Act and state laws control the distribution of pharmaceutical and prescription drugs, exposing professionals to the risk of losing their licenses and livelihoods.

3) Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing Laws

Manufacturing or cultivating controlled substances can put you at risk of criminal investigation, arrest, and criminal charges.

If you face drug charges in East Tennessee, contact us at or 615-585-2245.

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