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July 9, 2014

Tennessee FDCPA Lawyers–Barnette Law Offices


The (FDCPA) was enacted to stop abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices by debt collectors and debt purchasers such as Midland Funding, Asset Acceptance, CACH, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Cavalry Portfolio Services, etc. If you believe you have been a victim of unfair practices of a debt collector or if you’ve been sued by a debt collector or debt purchaser in a   you may be entitled to money damages and payment of your attorneys’ fees.

A Debt Collector cannot:

  • Call you on telephone repeatedly and at odd hours
  • Call you, but not announce who he/she is
  • Disclose information of your debts to third parties
  • Use abusive language
  • Contact you after written notification that you do not want to be contacted
  • Claim to be affiliated with any governmental organization
  • Misrepresent the character, amount or legal status of a debt
  • Threaten to take action not validated
  • Threaten or communicate false credit information
  • Use deceptive methods to collect debts
  • … and more

You can:

  • Reduce or completely zero your interest payment
  • Avoid or reduce late payment fees
  • Combine several loans into a single low monthly payment plan
  • Get your credit reports corrected
  • Remove invalid or time-lapsed entries in your credit reports
  • …and more

If a debt collector has engaged in any of these abusive or unfair debt collection practice, contact the at  for a free evaluation!

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